Local public transportation is by bus. Any destination in Thailand can be reached via direct line services, often departing several times each day. Service to Bangkok is available at 30 minute intervals from 6.00 am till 9 pm. Taxi or limousine service to Bangkok airport is available for 1200 - 1500 Baht (US$ 30 - 35), and mini-bus services are a vailable for around 300 Baht (US$ 7).
Public transport in Jomtien Pattaya is by 'Baht bus' (from 10 - 20 Baht), or by 'motor bike taxi'. For outings, a car+driver can be hired for around 1500 Baht for 8 hours.

There are several International Schools and one International University. The most prestiguous schools are Assumption College in Sri Racha, and The International School of the Regents on the outskirts of Banglamung district, on the road to Rayong. Several International Primary Schools are in the city itself, such as 'BEST'. Students usually travel by school bus. The curriculum is mostly based on British & Australian standards. Asia University is close to ISR, and is specialised in MBA and related subjects.
Two other near-by universities offer courses in Thai only.

In an area of such vital importance for the national economy there is a good infrastructure of public services and public utilities. The banking sector is heavily regulated by the Thai National Bank. Money exchange rates differ very little from bank to bank, and this service is usually available till 8 pm. ATMs are everywhere, open 24 hours, and most of them accept major credit & charge cards. Bank offices are open on weekdays from 8.30 till 3.30, but their offices in Tesco-Lotus are open later, and also on Saturdays. Banks are always closed on the many 'bank holidays'. Public utilities are easily available but often require many documents & signatures to open an account. An easy way-out for telephone service is to buy a cheap mobile phone with instant access. Internet services are available from a variety of service providers. Connections are at 56KB speed, but 128KB is also available. All telephone cables (no fiber optics) are above ground, and this sometimes causes interruptions, especially in the monsoon season.

We all hope we do not need them, but they have to be there, just in case! Jomtien Pattaya counts 3 private hospitals, of which the 250 beds Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital is the largest and best equipped. The hospital has a large staff of multi-ligual doctors, often educated in the USA or Australia. The nursing staff all speak English. This hospital is also linked to the much larger Bangkok General Hospital in Bangkok, which provides even more access to excellent doctors and facilities, just in case...


Why not rent a water scooter? Or do some paragliding, or take the 'banana', or do some surfing, or snorkeling?
If all else fails, you can always rent a rubber tube to keep you floating! More serious sports like diving and deep-sea fishing is done near the many close-by islands with their magnificent & nearly deserted beaches and coral reef formations.


There are many regular boat services available, and all types of boats for rent.
The area also boasts several marinas and Yacht Clubs. Those preferring terra firma can fish from the piers, or watch the many fishing boats at night with their bright lights attracting squid, or visit one of the many close-by fishing villages. A real must!


Close to home is a veritable 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not', top floor, Royal Garden Shopping Center.
The same floor also offers a spectacular 3-D movie joy ride, and other attractions, plus 2 cinemas.
More & better choice of movies is offered at Big C Center's 4 cinemas.

On Sukhumvit is Mini Siam, offering miniatures of well-known temples and famous buildings from all over the world. Spectacular is the Wooden Temple on Wong Amat beach in Naklua.
Difficult to find, but worth a detour!

For kids there is Pattaya Park on Tappraya Road (close to Jomtien Complex). Giant water slides are its main feature, but you can also glide down by cable from the high tower with its revolving restaurant and lookout terrace. Make sure you are properly insured!

Sport activities of nearly every kind can be practiced in the area, with golf, tennis, bowling, deep-sea fishing, and diving as the clear local favorites. There are at least a dozen golf courses in the immediate vicinity, some with 36 holes. They were mostly built with Japanese and American golfers in mind, and are of excellent quality.


Tennis can be played at the larger hotels by becoming a member of their Health Club. Favorites are The Royal Cliff Resort and The Dusit Resort.

There are 4 bowling halls, the largest one (above Tops Supermarket) with 32 lanes. Joggers prefer the steep area around Pratumnak Hill (close to The Royal Cliff Resort), and "surplace" excercises are practiced in the numerous local Gyms. Believe it or not, there is also a veritable lawn bowl court (off Soi Buakao, near Soi Diana), and several shooting ranges, of which the one in the basement of Tiffany's is the most popular.

Pool Centre

For go-karting there are 3 venues, one next to Mini Siam, and the other two on or near Theppasit Road.
For snooker, pool, darts, ULV-flying & many, many other tastes you can get information from The Pattaya Sports Club on Third Road, near Pattaya Nua.

Market Markets
There are also large permanent day markets, such as 'Made in Thailand' for non-food items on Second Road, and Chai Mongkhol Market opposite the temple on Pattaya Tai = South Road. This market is open 24 hours a day, but the larger area inside (food & non-food) is open from around 6 am till 6 pm. Go around daybreak a nd you will see many people presenting food & other useful items to Buddhist monks.

Every Tuesday and Friday there is a local day market further on that road (entrance near the Suzuki Motorbike shop), and a similar day market is on Sundays at Sawang Fa Road in Naklua (first main traffic light in the Pattaya area).


Next to hundreds of shops (usually open from 9 till 9) there are also 3 shopping centers (Royal Garden Shopping Center, Beach Road, near-by Mike's Shopping Mall, and Big C, Northern Pattaya), two Tesco-Lotus megastores (Sukhumvit near Theppasit Road, and on Pattaya Nua = North Road, open mostly till 11 pm), three large supermarkets catering to foreign tastes (Foodland on Pattaya Klang = Central Road, open 24 hours, Tops on the same road, but close to the beach, open till 11 pm, and Friendship on Pattaya Tai = South Road, open till 10 pm), many delicatessen shops, and an ever-increasing number of Seven Elevens & Family Marts, all open 24 hours, just like gas stations and their shops.

Sea Food Thai Food
Thai food is popular all over the world these days. The Thai cuisine is a mixture of original non-spicy food and influences from China, India, Laos, Cambodia, and several European countries, such as the Portuguese who introduced peppers from South America. Any Thai & oriental restaurant offers food for all tastes. Seafood is of course a main item in all local restaurants and at the many foodstalls which are frequented by the average Thai. Thai food is healthy and non-fattening.

If you like serious 'meat on the bone', then there are many western-style restaurants, catering to almost every taste, and in any price range. Some of these restaurants offer exclusive food, as their chefs were educated at the leading hotel schools of Europe.

For the kids there is Mc Donald's, KFC, Burger King, Swensen's, Bud's, Pizza Hut, Pizza Company, all in or near Royal Garden. More refined fast food & good coffee is served at Delifrance, Big C, and at a similar shop at Royal Garden Center, which also boasts a Benihana and several oriental food franchise outlets. Oriental style fast food is also served on the top floors of Tesco-Lotus Sukhumvit, Mike's, and Royal Garden Center. Buy food coupons first!

Pattaya at Nignt

Thai Dance

Night Life
Nightfall changes the area and its atmosphere completely.

Let's have dinner first. Several restaurants offer a dinner with show.
The most wellknown are Ruen Thai ( Second Road, opposite the Marriott), and Thai House (Pattaya Nua = North Road). Both have Thai classical dances, but Thai House also offers other show elements. Many, many other restaurants offer live music.

After dinner, why not go to an even bigger show, such as the ones offered at Alcazar and Tiffany's, both on Second Road, North Pattaya. Entertainment of a more daring nature is offered in the Walking Street area (Beach Road, south Pattaya) and in the Sois (side streets) of close-by Pattayaland.

In between, next to the pier, is the open-air Siren complex, which offers all-night semi-professional Muay Thai boxing, just like an open-air 'bar beer' (= beer bar) complex further north on Beach Road, one of many such complexes all over town.

Music Music
Music is served in the town's many discos, of which X-Zyte (Third Road), Palladium (Second Road, opposite Tiffany's), and Hollywood are the largest ones. All three have up to three different live bands each night plus an array of dancers.

There is also "Hollywood at Sea", with free transportation from the pier.

Good music is on offer in many country music cafes, and at Hopf House (Beach Road), Shenenigan's (Second Road, next to the Marriott), the Moon River Pub, Thai Garden Resort (Pattaya Nua), and at Henry O'Beans (beginning of Beach Road). All of them also serve good food.

Real diehards can go to one of the hundreds of karaokes with differing decors & facilities, but always with a wide choice of music. Please leave your metronome & tuning-fork at home...